Katherine Hallinan

Katherine Hallinan

I have been a criminal defense attorney since graduating summa cum laude from UC College of the Law, San Francisco (formerly UC Hastings) in 2010, but my roots in criminal law reach much further: to my grandfather, Vincent Hallinan, a rabblerousing San Francisco attorney who was famous for his willingness to do anything and everything for his clients. This included a stint in the federal penitentiary for contempt of court for his representation of Harry Bridges, the president of the ILWU (the Longshoremen’s Union) in the 1950s, against McCarthy-era charges. (A prison sentence that saw Vincent running for U.S. president on the progressive ticket, all while behind bars.) My uncles, Patrick and Terence Hallinan, continued the fight and Terence became the first “progressive” district attorney in the country when he was elected SF DA in 1995.

I began my legal experience interning at the San Francisco District Attorney’s office during my summers in high school. The experience was invaluable in giving me a glimpse into the complicated world of the criminal system (and the singular universe of 850 Bryant), and it cemented my desire to work for justice for the accused.

After interning at several public defender’s offices, I started my career in solo practice, working under the tutelage of J. Tony Serra at Pier 5 Law Offices. At Pier 5, I experienced the full range of criminal cases, from local misdemeanors to multi-defendant federal trials. It was there I found my true passion – working for clients post-conviction to try to overturn or reduce their convictions and sentences.

I joined the firm of Beles & Beles in 2023 as an appellate and post-conviction attorney. I relish the opportunity to work with Robert Beles and learn from his extensive experience in criminal law. As a lifelong resident of the East Bay, I am happy to have the chance to serve clients here in my hometown and to work hard to try to bring them home. Every day I strive to embody the principles instilled in me by my grandfather: to stand up against injustice and to give everything I’ve got fighting for justice for my clients.

Current Employment Position(s)

Criminal Defense Appeals


Law School: University of California College of the Law, San Francisco, formerly University of California, Hastings College of the Law., Summa Cum Laude

Undergraduate Degree: Columbia University


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