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Lawyers at Beles & Beles are distinguished as State Certified Criminal Law and State Certified Appellate Law Specialists. Fewer than 1% of California lawyers are State Certified Appellate Law Specialists.

To be recognized as a certified appellate law specialist, the lawyer has to take and pass a written examination, demonstrate a high level of experience in Appellate Law, fulfill  ongoing education requirements and receive a favorable evaluation by other attorneys and judges familiar with her or his work

October 2023: Governor Newsom Signs AB600 into Law, Offering Resentencing Options

A new law allows judges to resentence people when the original sentence no longer aligns with current legislation. Laws change over time and sentences that are now considered to be outdated or unjust can be reduced.

  • AB 600 amends PC 1172.1 to allow the court to recall a defendant's sentence at any time if applicable sentencing laws have changed since the time of sentencing.

If you or a loved one would like to know whether AB600 can affect a past sentence, please contact the Law Offices of Beles & Beles for a free consultation.

October 2021: Governor Newsom Signs SB 775 into Law, Offering Potential Relief to Defendants Convicted of Attempted Murder and Manslaughter.

A 2019 law in California allows defendants who have been convicted of felony murder, or murder under a "natural and probable consequences" doctrine, to petition the court to have their convictions vacated. On October 5, 2021, Governor Newsom signed SB 775 into law, which gives additional defendants the chance to seek relief from their convictions in court. SB 775 allows defendants convicted of attempted murder under the natural and probable consequences doctrine to ask the court to vacate their convictions. The new law also allows defendants convicted of manslaughter, who had been originally charged with felony murder or murder under a natural and probable consequences doctrine, to file petitions to vacate their convictions.

If you or a loved one was convicted of attempted murder or manslaughter, please contact the Law Offices of Beles & Beles for a free consultation.

Recent Successful Case Results

Major Appellate Victory: Reversal of Attempted Murder Charge

Scoring a major appellate victory on January 18th, 2022, we have secured the reversal of an attempted murder charge on behalf of Eduardo L in San Joaquin (Stockton). Mr. L had been sentenced to 32 to Life, including numerous gang and firearm clauses. Through the diligent work of our dedicated appellate team, we were able to secure reversal of this verdict based on our argument that the jury had not been instructed properly regarding the “Kill Zone theory”. This momentous decision has already begun receiving notice from other legal teams throughout the state as a precedent through which to secure the reversal of their client’s unjust sentences. The client and his family have expressed tremendous gratitude for our efforts, and we are thankful for the opportunity to serve their needs in this instance of misguided justice.

Justice done for man previously serving life sentence: Beles & Beles law firm convinces court to resentence client who will now be going home.

In a gratifying win for the Law Offices of Beles and Beles, a firm client, I.T., was resentenced in Alameda County Superior Court. I.T. had originally been sentenced as a “third-striker” to a 45-years-to-life state prison term. After I.T. served 19 years of his sentence and made great strides in rehabilitating himself while incarcerated, Beles and Beles worked to convince the District Attorney’s Office to file a motion for resentencing.  Firm lawyers Robert Beles, Anne Beles, Manisha Daryani, and Charles Duggan presented written arguments to the District Attorney’s Office that I.T. was deserving of a lesser sentence and a second chance in life. On August 17, 2021, a Superior Court Judge agreed to resentence I.T.  The new sentence means I.T. will now be going home to his family.

Major appellate victory — Murder Conviction Overturned! (Aug, 2021)

In a unanimous decision issued on August 6, 2021, the First District Court of Appeal in San Francisco reversed the murder conviction of a Beles & Beles client. In a great team effort by Robert Beles, Manisha Daryani, and Joseph Ryan, our firm briefed and argued the appeal. The Court of Appeal agreed with our argument that the jury in our client's case should have received a jury instruction about voluntary manslaughter, and that the error required our client's conviction be overturned. We feel vindicated that the Court of Appeal agreed with our argument and we were delighted to share the news with our client and his family.

COVID Compassionate Release From Federal Prison! Client Home with Family!

Beles & Beles Law Offices today secured a compassionate release from federal incarceration on behalf of a client who suffered from underlying medical conditions that put him at high risk of serious illness and/or death from COVID-19. Our client, John M., a 34-year-old man with a history of hypertension and obesity, was incarcerated at the federal prison in Safford, Arizona after being convicted of drug trafficking. His family retained Beles & Beles Law Office to file an emergency motion for his release.

The Court found that our client’s risk of contracting COVID-19 might be increasing, citing the evidence we provided of the growing number of cases at the Safford federal prison. The Court also determined that our client was not a risk to the community based on his good behavior in prison and the release plan we prepared on his behalf.

Our client had over 19 months remaining on his sentence. The court ordered his remaining sentence be served at home with his family.

Habeas Corpus granted, conviction vacated, and sex registration terminated (Sept, 2020)

September 22, 2020 Important Victory

Mr. L plead to a crime of Indecent Exposure without being informed by his previous counsel or the court of the lifetime sex-offender registration requirement. Mr. L is an internationally renowned musician and must travel to make a living. He had been registering as a sex offender for 2 years and had lost all hope until he came to our law office. We are experts and could see that Mr. L’s rights had been violated. Total victory- Mr. L is no longer a convicted sex registrant and very thankful for our help.

Commutation Granted: People v. Barajas (2019)

Commutation Granted by Governor Newsom! Our client, Mr. Barajas was 14 years into a total prison sentence of 80 years to life. Mr. Barajas committed a gang-related crime at a young age and was sentenced to for 2 counts of attempted murder, plus two 25-year-to-life firearm enhancements. During the years since then, he has demonstrated his commitment to self-improvement and becoming a productive citizen. Beles & Beles Law Offices filed a successful Commutation of Sentence with the Governor's Office, and Gavin Newsom personally commuted Mr. Barajas' sentence, making him eligible for parole consideration. 

Reversal of Child Molestation Case (2020)

June 2020: Reversal of Child Molestation Case (San Mateo County)

Court of Appeal Remand

Attorney Joseph Ryan Wins Remand: Court of Appeal Orders the Superior Court to hold a new sentencing hearing regarding the defendant's firearm enhancement.

Court of Appeal Reversal (2018)

HUGE WIN: On February 5, 2018, the Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal reversed an 8 year sentence of a man convicted of a construction kick-back scheme. Robert J. Beles argued to the Court that his client was innocent and had not properly waived his rights.

Murder Conviction Reversed (2016)

A California appellate court reversed the first-degree murder conviction of a 61-year-old Antioch woman accused of murder.
Read More at East Bay Times

New Laws That Might Free Your Loved Ones or Reduce their Sentence

Beles & Beles has has been very successful in overturning murder convictions, reducing sentences, and winning early release from prison for our clients. Governor Newsom has recently passed legislation that may apply to your loved one's case.  Our appellate lawyers have brought people back to court and have been able to reduce life sentences.

Some of these laws apply only to non-US Citizens. Others provide relief for only for juvenile convictions, for sex crime cases or for cases involving firearms enhancements. Please call our office so we can review the strategies that may be applicable to your loved one's case.


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Criminal Appeals: Examining Legal Issues of Your Conviction

No doubt, you, your family, and your friends are devastated by your conviction. However, we would like to have the opportunity to explain to you that a criminal conviction at trial does not need to be the end of your legal battle. The criminal trial and appeals attorneys at the Law Offices of Robert J. Beles have extensive experience appealing wrongful convictions, inappropriately harsh sentences, and improper guilty pleas. Robert Beles and Anne Beles are criminal law specialists certified by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. Through the criminal appeals process, we are prepared to attack the legal issues of your case. As we are trial lawyers ourselves, we are prepared to identify what went wrong in your original trial. Back to top

Wrongful Convictions

Modern scientific analysis of DNA evidence has led to numerous reversals of criminal convictions, even in death penalty cases. Our criminal appeals attorneys utilize all scientific evidence and legal analysis in defense of people who were wrongfully convicted of all crimes. The most common miscarriage of justice is a conviction based upon misidentification of the defendant. We have experts on that topic. Back to top

Habeas Corpus Writs

“Habeas corpus” is a Latin phrase meaning “bring the body,” which we translate to mean bring our clients home. As criminal appeals attorneys, we file writs of habeas corpus to challenge all improper actions at criminal trial. We have been successful appealing convictions and sentencing by investigating new evidence. We can frequently demonstrate that evidence used at trial, such as prejudicial statements or evidence gained during an illegal traffic stop or illegal search, should have been suppressed - or that evidence favorable to your defense was wrongly excluded. Habeas corpus writs can be filed many years after appeal rights have expired if new evidence is shown. Habeas corpus writs are an important way to get to the Federal Courts to reverse a state conviction. We have been successful in this area. Back to top

Prosecutorial Misconduct

You or your loved ones may have experienced overzealous district attorneys bending the rules in court. This is an appealable issue and can result in a reversal of a conviction. Back to top

Inadequate Representation and Poor Investigation

Your criminal defense lawyer might have done a very poor job defending you. If the attorney’s performance falls below the accepted norm, you may have been the victim of ineffective assistance of counsel. This can result in a new trial. Failing to properly investigate your case is improper representation. If witnesses should have been called, or experts employed, call us to set the record straight. Back to top

Motions for New Trial

After a jury has found a person guilty and before sentencing, a motion for a new trial can be made. Don’t miss that opportunity. Call us to ask the court to start over again. Back to top


Jury Bias

You have a right to a jury of your peers. That means a jury fairly chosen from an unbiased panel. Prejudice has no place in the courtroom or in any other part of our society. If you believe you were the victim of racial, gender, ethnic or religious prejudice, call us. Back to top

Misdemeanor Appeals

Often people are wrongfully convicted of misdemeanors such as drunk driving, indecent exposure, domestic violence or assault and battery. What most people, even many attorneys and judges, do not realize is that the simple act of filing a notice of appeal in a misdemeanor case puts an immediate stop on any jail, fine or probation. All aspects of sentencing await the decision on your appeal. We can help you with your misdemeanor appeal. Back to top

Sex Offense Appeals

Please see our Sex Offense Appeals page and read more on this area and about our expertise in getting people off of sex registration. Back to top

All Courts: State and Federal

Our criminal appeals experience includes appeals handled through the California Court of Appeals, the California Supreme Court, the United States District Courts, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court. Back to top

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